GB Pockit Stroller Hack: Carry Handle, Carry Strap Hack, and Carry Bag

Hacks for Carrying the GB Pockit Stroller

Carry by Hand:

Once the stroller is folded, the best way to carry the stroller in with the middle bar in between the two carry handles. The stroller is so light, the carry itself is very easy.


Carry by Strap:

To be completely hands free, you can add a simple carry strap. Attach two hooks along with a carry strap. The hooks can be left on even when folding. The extra hooks also provides an additional space for you to attach a diaper bag and other items. The padded straps adds comfort for just a little extra weight, and the stroller is so light that it does not hurt your shoulders to carry it. When not in use, the strap falls freely off to the back of the stroller out of the way.

Carry by Bag:

The Pockit stroller fits into most shopping bags. I love the small compact bags that I toss in the cup holder, or in my purse, or in the basket. These bags can be used to store/hide the pockit, to carry the stroller over the shoulder, and even as a grocery bag for some last minute shopping trips. Great for the environment, great beautiful designs, washable, and makes for great gifts, too!

To Buy Carry Bag

Carry Bag

This carry bag hangs off of the side and handle of the stroller to prevent tipping the empty stroller. The fit over the handle and adjustable buckles are easy to use. The pockit in the most compact form fits perfectly inside and the longer strap makes is a great carrying case for the stroller. *Hack Courtesy of OdaJennys of Strollerqueens

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Carry In Another Stroller

The GB Pockit is a great stroller for older toddlers while the Nano offers a recline and adjustable foot rest and carseat attachment that makes it better for younger children. Since we have all been there where the walking toddler suddenly decides they want to want ride instead, the GB Pockit fits perfectly (in semi-compact or super-compact modes) in the basket below the Mountain Buggy Nano. This is the best and most compact fit, but of course the pockit stroller fits in to many larger stroller baskets and can also be hung off of the stroller handles using a carry strap.

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ZOE XLC BEST V2 vs. XL1 BEST V2 TRAVEL Stroller Comparison and Review

Comparison between the ZOE XLC and the ZOE XL1 Strollers

XLC: Best for airplane travel

XL1: Best for larger or taller kids, or just for lots of ins and outs of public transit and quick trips

XLC Wins:

  • Recline: Same single hand draw string release and single hand pull up. Not completely flat but quite deeps.
    • The XLC has an adjustable leg rest that makes sleeping more comfortable
  • Leg Rest: XLC only has an adjustable leg rest. 
    • Makes seat longer, makes basket easy to access, and makes sleeping more comfortable.
  • Smaller Fold: XLC can fit in overhead airplane bins
  • Standing Fold: XLC can stand on its own when folded, even if it takes a bit of teasing the wheels in the right direction. Please note that readers have expressed difficulty with this on the newer v2 version.
  • Compatible with light carseats
    • The stability to hold a travel toddler carseat using the adjustable leg rest makes it better than the XL1


XL1 Wins:

  • Seat: Deeper and wider on the XL1 and taller on the XL1, shallow and narrow on the XLC. Important to note that the XL1 has one of the most UPRIGHT seats available which is a big plus to parents of toddlers
    • The extendable leg rest on the XLC can compensate for the shallower seat
  • Accessories: XL1 comes with a snack tray, cup holder,  and belly bar. XL1 also comes with a parent cupholder which is not longer available on the XLC V2 version.
  • Easier Fold: XL1 wins for the easier fold
    • XL1--Pull on tab on the seat and pull up while standing. Can carry with the pull tab.
    • XLC--middle button on handlebar for V1 version, or two buttons on side of handle for V2 version. Either way it doesn't match up to the ease of the XL1
  • Easier Unfold: Lift up and open to unlock
    • The XLC takes a bit of force to lock it in open position
  • Stability and Maneuverability: Because the XL1 is wider, it is a bit more stable around tight and sharp turns


Both Win:

  • Handle bar: Same height on both non-adjustable handlebars
  • Sun Canopy: Huge canopies on both, only marginally larger on the XL1
  • Peekaboo Window: magnetic closure on both
  • Harness: Same easy mechanism
  • Basket: Marginally larger on the XL1
    • Easier to access on the XLC from the front with leg rest up
  • Wheels and Suspension: Same 2 wheel suspension on both. 
  • Weight: XLC is marginally lighter just because the XL1 has more accessories to add on, but both are still super light
  • Carry strap: Both have additional carry straps 
  • Carry Case: Both have backpacks
    • The XLC is a bit smaller 
  • Price: XL1 is a bit less expensive but prices are still comparable


Final Thoughts:

  • Don't confuse light with cheap, but also don't expect the handle of a full stroller in a lightweight stroller
  • Both little strollers are light but pack a punch and are well loaded with features lacking in many other lightweight strollers
  • XLC is easier to fit in overhead bins and to stabilize a lightweight carseat along with an adjustable leg rest. 
  • XL1 has an easier to use fold and unfold, and has a wider, deeper, and taller seat back along with many accessories making it more comfortable for the child.

For airplane travel where carry on and carseats are considerations, go with the XLC; but for day to day with lots of use, and folding and unfolding or in and out, go with the XL1.

For a detailed review or optional hacks: ZOE XLC stroller, ZOE XL1 stroller

To Purchase the ZOE XLC and the ZOE XL1 V2 Best (make sure to select the stroller you want to purchase specifically)

A Letter to the Brand New Mother

Awake at night with the baby?

Feeling some silent tears well up in your eyes and roll down your cheek?


Here are some things for you to read whenever you need some distraction, mixed in with some things I wish people would tell me so I didn't feel like I was a failure, mixed in with some motivation mixed in with just...random thoughts:

-Pain and healing after birth is a bitch. It's natural for it to feel like that

-You just gave birth to a human being, you can do anything! Don't forget it too quickly and don't let doubts trickle in on your capabilities

-It's normal to be frustrated that you're not back to your old fully functioning self when you want to be. No one is back to their normal self. It took 9 months to grow and change and birth this child, it will take some time to get back. I expected my body to be back once I popped the kid out. Nope.

-It is normal to feel like you were better 39 weeks pregnant than post partum

-At some point you will walk normally again (posture, speed, gait, all of it), I promise! 

-It takes some time to let go of the pregnancy loose clothes and the pregnancy pillow...bummer, I wanted them out, but embrace the spandex and the loose things. Just wear them

-It's hard to move, what?!?!?!

-The belly...what do you mean it's still there?

-Everything that functions down there will slowly return to normal, too

-So what if you don't bounce back like a super model? You're pretty damn beautiful

-There is probably nothing more beautiful to Brendan than to see you holding his daughter

-Let the tears go, just let them out, why try to control or to find sense in them?

-The hormonal rollercoasters, don't fight them but just grab on for the ride. They get less intense, but the rides go on for awhile.

-Poor partners, they are also along for the ride, but give them some time to also learn to navigate the new roles

-Everything hurts, and apparently it's supposed to 

-When did showering have to hurt?

-When did wearing clothes have to hurt?

-The large underwear and pads go away eventually

-the bleeding goes away....eventually...

-That black belly line goes away...eventually...

-Just let it all out when you have to

-Breast feeding is painful, formula feeding is also painful, which ever you decide to do, man it's hard!

-If you feel overwhelmed, you have a right to be

-If you feel like you're not a good mom, remember your'e pretty kickass, but you're just waiting to unfold all the kick assness

-You see that awesome mom over there? She thinks she herself is not a good mom either

-It's normal to doubt yourself all the time, but don't!

-mom guilt hits early and hits hard, but give yourself a break--you're doing amazing!

-constipation is a bitch and is like birthing poo babies (less cute). stool softeners

-It's okay to poo for so long your leg goes numb

-It's okay to not even be productive enough to type an email on your phone

-take some time to take it all in

-Enjoy the snuggles, they change so quickly

-Steal some extra moments

-scared you might leak? normal

-You think you're doing something wrong, you're not

-It's okay to be tired, but you'll be so tired that random things will seem amusing

-No matter what you do, she will love you and she will feel your love

-laugh at things

-If there is someone willing to take care of the baby, then do it and try to sleep

-Put down the phone and just focus on yourself and the baby

-But take the phone and take all the photos your want. Do it and don't let anyone stop you

-enjoy the baby pee leaks and poop

-All the transitions and changes and baths and the outings will get so much easier day after day as the baby gets bigger

-enjoy this phase along with all its hardships because everything goes by quickly

-it gets easier once your child smiles back

-it does get easier

-it gets easier, I promise

-There's no such thing as spoiling a baby or forming bad habits, so just do what works and go easy on yourselves

-it's really hard and everyone who doesn't say so is lying

-Sometimes frustration comes from trying to force the baby into what we think she should be doing or forcing her into a routine that is convenient for us. It's freeing to just let go

-It's so annoying that others can sleep and function, and feeling angry and jealous is normal and doesn't make you a bad person

-You're not alone, especially at night, because i'm awake at night with you, too, along with all the other caregivers with little babies, thinking about you and sending good thoughts your way

-it really does get easier

-it's okay for others to do things

-You will sleep long stretches again

-You will feel normal again

-It does get easier, like somehow, slowly but surely, at 4 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 12 weeks, then 6 months...and so on

-You will one day feel like you have the hang of it...kind of, and that's good enough

-You can do anything because you're a warrior of a woman

-did I mention already that it will get easier

-It's okay to sometimes wonder if you made a mistake and to mourn the loss of your pre-baby life (doing so doesn't mean your'e a bad mom)

-It's okay to doubt your decisions and your capabilities and readiness and even the idea that you can be a mom

-it's okay to let things pile up and to put an auto away message on and to not respond to email

-it's okay to let everything else go and just focus on the baby



You're doing great!!! You are an amazing person and this little person is lucky enough to get you as their mom.

You are beautiful, and wonderful, and competent, and loving, and caring, and warm, and the PERFECT mom for your child ONLY mom they want or need. Don't doubt yourself


Did I mention YET AGAIN that it gets better by 6 weeks somehow--promise! 

If you ever need to vent, I'm here without judgement but just to commiserate and prove to you that you're doing a great job.

Take it easy on yourself. 

Shopping List in preparation for New Baby

A short list of just the bare basics so you can welcome a baby home. The rest you can buy as you go.

I scoured the internet for shopping lists, but every other list seemed way too intense for me, as in it had way too many items for me. Here is a basic list of what I got and needed when I first got home. I realized in the age of instant delivery and 24 hour super markets, I could get whatever else I needed when the need arise!

To make it more manageable, think about it this way: You need to keep a baby:

  • dry: diapers, wipes, vaseline/cream, changing area, pad
  • warm: onesies, pants, hats, socks, blankets
  • Sleeping: swaddles, pacifier
  • Full: Nursing pillow, pump, nursings shirt/bra, ointment, bottle warmer, formula
  • Healthy and Clean: bath tub, nail clipper, thermometer, medicine, shampoo, wash cloths


To Keep the baby DRY:

-Diapers Don't buy too many, you can take some from the hospital when you leave, and then based on sizing can order more in that size. Some long kids grow out of Newborn size immediately, other babies might need preemie sizes. Honestly, take diapers home from the hospital and do an order once you are home. Especially because diapers take up so much storage space!

-Wipes Some people are fine the with the classic brands, and other people want to go the more natural all water route. Whatever you choose, go with the ones that has a reload mechanism that pulls the next sheet up and out. That simple mechanism makes your life easier as your are holding a poopy butt up with one hand while trying to wipe away the mess with the other. Trust us. 

-Vaseline (at the beginning the poos are sticky. They will give you some at the hospital. more than enough to cover you for a long time). No need to buy more. Once you do decide to buy, we went away from vaseline

-Diaper cream. I got one that was more of a barrier protection with zinc especially when baby will be in diaper for a longer time such as nighttime or car travel.

-Baby changing area While you could get away with changing the baby on the bed (we really considered it), we are so glad we went with a changing pad. There are a lot of projectile pee and poops and we are glad they didn't land on our sheets. Also, the bed is lower than the dresser or changing tables. Having to bend down slightly for each change does a number on your back. I would have on hand a total of 2-3 covers. 

-Blue pads: put this under your baby everywhere. I would make his bed with sheet, pad, sheet, pad, sheet pad. When he peed and wet the sheet, i would take off the top sheet and the chuck and the bed was ready to go! That way I don't have to find a place to store extra sheets, and I never had to make the bed in the middle of the night! Use this on the changing table too, and also on the bed/couches when we put the baby down. They have larger sizes, too!!!

-Diaper disposing area-you can get buy with plastic bags, but this is just easy. Then when the poops get smelly, you will love having this thing. As the chores pile on you will hate having to use plastic bags and it is hard to find so many plastic bags. We liked this one for the height and the hands-free simplicity of this system.


To keep the baby WARM:

-Onesies (simple, maybe 5-10 depending on how easy laundry is for you. Take some from the hospital. You will still get wooed by the cute ones, but they go through so many and grow out so quickly. At the very very beginning when their heads and necks are so weak, avoid over the head shirts and you will love the button openings. I avoided the zipper at the beginning because the zipper is sol cold and touches the expose skin and healing belly button

If we could, would have our baby in this non stop for the first days-weeks. So much easier than over the head ones at the beginning. Ofcourse they can have cuter ones as they get bigger, but these were our favorites at the beginning.

-Pants (if in winter, you need pants. Make your life easy and get the ones where the feet are attached instead of struggling with baby socks). There are a lot of full body outfits, but at the beginning for the first few weeks, avoid those. He will have a lot of accidents and blow outs, and it's nice to change just the bottom without having to take the top off too leaving your baby naked. 

If we could, would have our baby in this non stop for the first days-weeks

-Baby hats. Can never have too many hats. Worse case scenario, you use the one from the hospital for a few extra days and go get some. I really like these that are soft and stretchy so more likely to fit the head for longer, but I have also liked the H&M basic hats, too.

-Blankets (people love swaddle blankets, but the baby blankets from the hospital are amazing and warm and soft. Don't go overboard. Chances are people will gift you swaddle blankets becauase it's the easy thing to gift. Get a small one that is easy to maneuver vs. a large blanket that will drag on the floor, etc. 


To keep the baby SLEEPING:

-Swaddles (if you are into swaddling, then get the SwaddleMe swaddles. Easiest to use, best against baby breaking free, cheaper so you can buy a bunch, and you can use it instead of swaddle blankets).

-Pacifier (a few different ones just to have on hand and try out). People recommend not using pacifiers until the baby is 1mo old to not disrupt the breast feeding, but honestly my neighbor plopped one in on day 1, so it is all up to you.

-Baby sleeping area: This is up to you the sleeping arrangement you ultimately choose that is right for your family. We had a bedside co sleeper with wheels. We loved it because the baby is elevated and easy to get to without the need to bend down (especially great if you are recovering from a bag vaginal birth or a c-section). The baby is also able to be close to the bed so I could nurse easily without needing to get up every time. I would have on hand a total of 3 sheets. See above for blue pads operation. Some moms had so many, but we didn't have storage and 3 was all we needed.


To keep the baby FULL:

-Nursing pillow (get a comfortable one). The baby rolled around too much on the softer ones. I like the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillows because they are stiff and support the baby better. Especially on hot days, the baby isn't rolled up against me but well supported on the pillow. Also, after breast feeding food coma, if the baby falls asleep, I can carry him around like a tray.

-Breast pump (covered by insurance and can get 1 month before due date). I would recommend the Medela Pump Instyle Advance. There are some great options out there, so why this one? This is the most popular and most universal where I worked, so I wanted all the parts and systems to attach and be interchangeable. However, the Spectra pumps are also amazing with a quieter suction, a

-bra The nipples are so sensitive and might be so raw that you will detest having anything tough on them anyway. I recommend going to Gap and buying the softest unstructured bras they have (v neck) in a Large. You can pull them to the side for feeding but they will allow you put in breast pads if you need to prevent leaking. Think cotton, think nothing hard or sharp, think stretchy. Afterwards, you can then take your baby to go out and actually try on the bras as you are...that way you get ones that fit you best. Buying early didn't make sense for me

-T shirts (Instead of the nursing tops, get larger uniqlo heattech or cooltech tops wide scoop necks). They are stretchy and can be pulled to the side for feeding. For winter get long sleeves. These can be worn while pregnant too! The rest of the time I got button up shirts, or shirts with overlapping v necks, or stretchy wide neck or henley tees. This way they can be worn out, and don't cost as much as nursing tops either. 

-Nipple ointment The nipples will need some love. Sometimes it is just raw from the intense nursing, other times it might get chapped from the dry heat. Whatever the case, I carried this around. Vaseline works too.

-Nursing pads just to protect the nipples, to prevent the leaks (if you leak) and also to prevent the nipples from showing after you feed. Dpending on how breast feeding goes or which route you take, you might not need a lot. There are great reusable ones available as well. to have:

-Bottle warmer-When the time comes, you will want to pump to help with your supply, or maybe you need to pump because of latch issues, or maybe you will pump to supplement with formula, or maybe you will be using formula exclusively. While you can warm a bottle by boiling water and making a water bath. A preset one touch bottle warming was kind of awesome and much appreciated.


To keep the baby Healthy and Clean:

-Baby bath tub. Easy and simple to use. Grows with baby, but most importantly, you can do the washing at counter level. Dont get enticed by the ones that fit in the bathtub. Horrible on your knees and less control of baby. The longer you can use the sink the happier you will be.

-Nail clipper  (forget the sets and the fancy gadgets. This is all you need. You really will LOVE having the bigger grip for more control. This one has a big grip that is also comfortable for men with bigger hands, and it doesn't sway back and forth avoiding the chance of pulling on the nail). No need for files...

-Ibuprofen-infant over the counter

-Tylenol-infant over the counter

-Thermometer. This is the one that we have. YES they recommend rectal thermometers, but listen...if your baby is sick and he is sleeping, there is no way you are waking that baby up and undressing him to stick a probe up the butt. This is the most simple to use and e've loved it because we can take his temp while sleeping. It's not as accurate as the rectal thermometers, but you really only want that when the baby is very young and if you need one pick one up from a local drug store, or come take ours). There are even simpler ones that's a forehead swipe. i've considered it but never took the plunge.

-Wash clothes gets softer with time, we used them everywhere and for everything and stuffed them everywhere

-Baby shampoo-The hospital gives you enough to last you awhile. See if you like that and always good to see if baby will have sensitive skin before buying more

-An aspirator- I gave you a manual aspirator to use, but this is nice to have for as the baby grows



To keep the baby Safe:

-Monitor-we had a monitor but didn't set it up because he was in the same room as us and our apt is small and could easily go in to check up on him similar to checking a monitor. Later on, it is nice to have a monitor that has a base station AND wifi access. Not essential to get right away.

-Play mat- When the baby was small we put him on blue chucks and blankets. Later on it was super awesome to have a play area with all the bells and whistles. Not only is the bottom mat great because it protects bedding, it also offers cushion, and the lights and sounds keep them occupied to buy you some time! BONUS!

-Infant car seat (need it by law to leave the hospital, see stroller below) and this means learn how to properly install in. Many police and fire stations and hospitals will do free installation and check ups for you.



-Large black underwear. You will be wearing big pads, there might be leaks, might as well have some easy to use underwear that you don't mind ruining. I went for high waisted and it's not only good at holding things in, it also is good in case you end up with a c-section. The hospital has mesh disposable underwear. You will love them. Take as many as they offer. I cried when I ran out. 

-Heavy pads I got them beforehand because I didn't want my husband to have to buy them himself. You will be bleeding a lot so get some of the ones with the larger back. The bigger the better to prevent yourself from ruining the sheets. The hospital gives out pads and mesh underwear. Take as many as they offer. 

-Robe/slippers This isn't essential but I would argue that they are. After birth you are exhausted and healing so you will feel colder than normal. you are awake in the middle of the night constantly and sometimes sitting still for up to 40mins feeding. It's nice to have something warm to slip on easily. Get the ones with the straps preattached so there's no wrestling with finding the tie in the middle of the night. 

-Water bottle You will be so thirsty all the time, and staying hydrated helps with breast milk supply. Keep these filled up and around your bed, your nursing stations, and baby's sleeping area so you are sure to keep drinking


I scoured the internet and more than one continent to find the best travel stroller that was for me. By the time I had purchased the new ZOE travel stroller, I had already bought and sold many secondhand strollers of what I thought would be the "perfect" stroller, only to realize upon using it that it was not quite for me. So it seemed almost unlike me to buy something at full price, sight unseen, but upon watching the videos, it checked all of my boxes, so I went with it.

Since nothing is perfect, here is what I liked and disliked about the stroller in hopes that this will help another parent out there trying to make the decision:

Handle bar: Single handle bar, and easy to push and attach parent console on it, but the center collapse button gets in the way of pushing the handle right in the center and I find myself needing to push from the side

Cup holder: Comes with parent cup holder

NOTE: The V2 does not come with a parent cup holder.

Sun Canopy: Sun protection is a big thing for me. This had a large canopy compared to other travel strollers. Larger than Babyzen Yoyo, Mountain Buggy Nano, GB Qbit, and Baby Jogger City Tour. Smaller coverage and flexibility than Maclaren Quest (when it's completely down). I loved the 4 panels and that one can be zipped away or another tucked away to find the perfect combination for sun protection without having my kid scream that he can't see. Also when my son fell asleep, I could put the canopy completely down and no one else could see inside.

Peekaboo Window: magnetic closure, I don't feel comfortable without one so this was important to me

Recline: Single hand draw string release and single hand pull up. Not completely flat. Similar to maybe Mountain Buggy Nano V2 but better than the Babyzen Yoyo

Seat: I found the seat to be pretty shallow, and because it was slightly slanted, my son kept sliding down. Luckily the strap held him in the and the adjustable foot rest made the seat bigger and held him in. Similar problems reported in the Baby Jogger City Tour. Smaller seat than the Baby Zen Yoyo and the Mountain Buggy Nano

Seatbelt: Easy to use. only 2 straps to deal with and not 5 separate pieces.

Belly Bar/snack tray: none

Foot Rest: Adjustable to go up. Makes seat longer, makes basket easy to access, and makes sleeping more comfortable.

Basket: It is what it is for a compact stroller. No complaints.

Wheels: Suspension! Essential for our city streets. Sometimes I felt like I had to pay attention to the front wheels so I made sure it did not get stuck, but I think that's the case for all small strollers

Now comes the important part:

Weight: Super light...yes there are specs, but light is light and it is definitely light enough.

Fold: I really wanted something that was a single hand fold. Unlike Babyzen Yoyo, Mountain Buggy Nano, and more like GB Qbit. When I say one hand, I don't mean one step. I was fine with the one hand, two-step fold of the Baby Jogger City Tour. My criteria was you needed to be able to fold the stroller with one hand, while restraining your baby in the other to prevent him from running away on you. I also wanted something that was NOT fold long down to the ground. I hate the long folds because being short meant that they were a pain to carry. This is indeed a one handed fold, although it took a bit of practice. After practicing, the other that bothers me is that sometimes, the front wheels were not positioned correctly needing a stiff readjustment. I also still had to bend down, unlike the baby Jogger city tour which allows you to fold standing up.

NOTE: The V1 had the one handed fold, the new V2 that came out in 2018 is a two-handed fold.

Unfold: The fold could be one-handed (like in the demo video), but either I am weak or too short, but I need two hands to secure the stroller and lock it into an open position. It is still a work in practice and might just be that the stroller is new. It is not like some of the other strollers where I can just fling open and have it pop into position.

Carry strap: IMPORTANT. I added it on and keep it added. I actually bought two so I can wear it as a backpack if needed. Love it.

Carry Case: Easy, roomy, with backpack straps. It was simple to use unlike the struggle with the Moutanin Buggy Nano or the Babyzen Yoyo.

Stability: Similar to other travel strollers, but it definitely took me awhile to remember that because this is a small stroller, I couldn't hang heavy things on the back of the stroller and take my child out causing it to tip. 

Suspension: Two wheeled suspension made it capable of handling rough streets and cobblestone, but I did have to be mindful or large gaps and holes.

Maneuverability: Only one time around a sharp corner, with a heavy lunch pack hanging on the handle bar did the stroller feel like it was going to tip to one side. Easy to adjust one handed, and was the only time I had any issues with it.

Price: You can get open box deals. Price is around $239 so comparable to Baby Jogger Tour, Mountain Buggy Nano, but much cheaper than Babyzen Yoyo.

Hacks: With so many accessories, there really isn't the need to add any hacks, other than giving your child a snack and cup holder. 

Overall the price is good and comparable to city jogger tour, but with great suspension, big canopy, peekaboo window, deep recline and adjustable foot rest, and good single-handed fold. The fold and unfold of the baby jogger tour might almost feel easier to use one handed. The recline and foot rest is maybe not as good as the mountain buggy nano (in he position for infant bassinet), but because the other two lacked the other pros I mentioned above, I went with the ZOE XLC and was very happy with our purchase. 


Final Thoughts:

  • Light and small just as expected
  • Seat shallow
  • Good suspension for city travel, but still had to pay attention to not get stuck in large cracks/curbs
  • Fold and unfold not as easy as I imagined but need some more practice, and is good enough (at least the fold is good enough so I can keep my child restrained)
  • Great canopy, recline, and adjustable foot rest
  • Love the carry case backpack and straps were well worth the addition
  • Worth the money and great to support a mom and pop family operation

Here is a comparison between the XLC and the XL1.

Here is where you can purchase the ZOE XLC (select the XLC model from the tabs), or from the ZOE Website