BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Bugaboo Canopy

Adding a larger and breezier canopy to your BabyZen Yoyo

Breezy Canopy

The original Yoyo Canopy is a little lacking and doesn't provide much coverage. This hack allows you to add one of the most popular summer breezy canopies (or any of the Bugaboo canopies for that matter). You can leave the original Yoyo Sunshade on (only removing the first bar holding the canopy up). Then you simply clamp on the Bugaboo Breezy Canopy, but you do need a whole set of Bugaboo Wires and Clamps (Buffalo or Cameleon) which can add up quickly in cost. The stroller can be folded with you canopy attached, but the hack is not the most ideal as there is some slight movement of the canopy itself which might be able to be fixed with some foam additions at the sites of attachment. Other issue is that when fully extended, the canopy hack might rest on the the legs of your child. *Hack Courtesy of Mujde Muji Baum*

To Purchase Canopy, Wires, and Clamps