BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Child Snack and Cup Holder

A place for your child to rest their cup or to hold their snacks

Child Cupholder

It is almost impossible to attach a child cupholder, but the addition of a belly bar opens up a lot of options. While the Yoyo cupholder isn't very appreciated by the parents, it fits perfectly on the attachable belly bar and the swivel allows you to lift the belly bar up and down while keeping the drink vertical. It is hard to close with the cupholder attached, but depending on the placement, it is still possible to do so with some careful adjustments at time of closure.

Here is a photo with the Cup Holder on the belly bar, next to the  Parent or child cup Holder that is attached to the frame of the stroller. The cup sits at the perfect height for a playing child to run over to take a sip, and also, when you move the belly bar up and down, the cup holders both stay in place. 

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Child Snack Tray and Cup Holder

This hack offers both a snack tray and cup holder. It needs the belly bar to be attached, and unfortunately the lack of a swivel means if the belly bar gets lifted, the snacks get dumped. Unfortunately, you can not fold the stroller with the snack tray attached.

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Parent or Child Cupholder

This cupholder does not need a belly bar , but it is also situated somewhere in the middle between the parent and the child. It is a bit to access for the child, but provides an extra cup storage space. It is amazing for the parents since your drink access is not hindered by the belly bar. The best part is it stays stable and the stroller can be folded with the cupholder still attached.

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Child Snack and Cup Holder

This isn't the best of all hacks, but it will work. With some extra foam padding, the snack tray can be attached to the side of the stroller. The only issue is that when it is placed on the left, it swivels away from the child, and when it is placed on the right side (where it swivels towards the child), it crowds into your child's personal space right by their head. The tray needs to be taken off for folding, but the adapter can be positioned such that the stroller can be folded with it attached.

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