GP Pockit Stroller Hack: Rain Cover and Extra Sun Canopy

Some Options for Extra Sun and Rain Protection for the GB Pockit


An Umbrella that provides extra rain and wind protection to the parent and child (although it doesn't stand up perfectly to strong winds and side showers). The holder is useful with any umbrella size and handle, and the pivot joints allow you to tilt it out of the way. The holder can also stay on when folded, even though it attaches to one of the handles. *Hack Courtesy of: Odajennys in Strollerqueens*

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Another umbrella that would attach on to the pockit is the Versabrella. It provides more coverage, including UV coverage; however, given the fact that the umbrella is part of the attachments, it offers possibly more coverage at the expense of compactness.

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Rain Cover:

A easy to use, no frills rain cover that is light enough to be supported by the tiny canopy, and also includes all around coverage to protect even your parent console. Plastic on all sides so your curious child can still see all the rain fall down on the world around them. Just the right length so there is no dragging, but still long enough to protect what is in the basket too. Small enough that it fits into the GB Pockit perfectly. There are other models with ventilation if needed.

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Sun Canopy:

For all the pros, the minimal if not useless sun canopy of the GB Pockit is a huge draw back. For extra sunny days, rather than fight with sun screen and worry about your child burning, add a sun canopy extension. The extension is light weight, and provides fast and easy to use coverage. The side flaps are thin and can be looped around the fabric or frame to create some coverage from rays coming in from the sides. The canopy folds so small it can be left in the basket and the stroller can fold with the canopy inside. The biggest perk is that is provides a flat circumferential coverage so there is no issues with blocking your child's view. The only drawback is the canopy sits on top of the handlebars, but the fabric still allows for easy hold and navigation of the stroller.

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