ZOE XL1 BEST V2 Stroller Review and Hacks

A lightweight, easy, and fully-functional city or car stroller that is perfect for quick and repeated folding and unfolding.

Handle bar: Single handle bar, non adjustable

Cup holder: Comes with parent cup holder

Sun Canopy: One of the largest sun canopies that you will find. I loved the 4 panels and that one can be zipped away or another tucked away to find the perfect combination for sun protection without having my kid scream that they can't see. When asleep, the shade provides enough coverage to block any view of him by people passing by.

Peekaboo Window: magnetic closure

Recline: Single hand draw string release and single hand pull up. Not completely flat but much deeper than other strollers.

Seat: Wide and roomy seat. 

Seat back: One of the most upright seat backs we have ever found.

Seatbelt: Easy to use. only 2 straps to deal with and not 5 separate pieces.

Belly Bar/snack tray: Belly bar or a separate snack and cup tray. The closeness of the snack tray sometimes made it awkward for access. The belly bar needs to be removed completely and unfortunately does not swivel away.

Foot Rest: No Adjustable foot rest.

Basket: Pretty large with elastic opening to provide better access. Easy access from the back

Wheels: Suspension! Essential for our city streets. Pretty good considering how light it was. Not as careful with cracks and postholes as I had to be with the Zoe XLC

Weight: So light I can lift the stroller with one hand and carry my child with the other.

Break: Press down and life up on either side of the stroller. Easy to lock, a bit more strain on the naked toes to lift up.

Fold: Single one handed standing fold. I pull a strap from the seat and it pops closed and locked. There is no need to bend all the way down and from that fold move, I now can carry the stroller up and down stairs, etc. The stroller has a folding stand, too!

Unfold: I have to unlock, but after that, the unfold really is as easy as one handed. Much easier to unfold than the XLC.

Carry strap:  I liked the easy of the carry strap, but again, with the handle bar, I rarely needed it for steps or public transit, it was only for longer term carry.

Carry Case: Easy, roomy, with backpack straps. It was simple to use 

Stability: Because of the increased width, it is much more stable than the XLC.

Suspension: Two wheeled suspension made it capable of handling rough streets and cobblestone.

Maneuverability: Easy to adjust with one hand, easy to push with one hand..


Biggest Complaints from users:

  • The mesh basket does not seem as sturdy
  • No adjustable foot rest
  • No standing fold
  • Just a bit too large for the overhead compartment

Final Thoughts:

  • One of the lightest strollers with one of the best reclines and sun shades.
  • A real one hand, one step fold will make city travel and repeated ins and outs much easier
  • Good suspension for city travel, but still had to pay attention to not get stuck in large cracks/curbs
  • Great canopy

Here is a comparison between the XLC and the XL1.

Here is where you can purchase the ZOE XL1 (select the XL1 model from the tabs), or from the ZOE Website