GB Pockit Stroller Review & Stroller Hacks

A Review and a list of Potential Hacks for the GB Pockit Stroller

GB Pockit: What the stroller lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in pure lightness and ease of use. Best for Quick travel with Older Children, or a bring-along backup stroller for when your older toddler suddenly decides to ride again.


Handle bar: Non adjustable, split Handle bar with a single bar in the middle that still allows for a one handed push. *The handles can't be adjusted to be taller but can be lowered as part of the push and makes for a great walker and game to entertain your own child. See hacks below.

Cup holder: None, but see hacks below.

Sun Canopy: A tiny square canopy that is useless and often in the way. 

Peekaboo Window: None, but you don't need one because the child is completely visible

Seat: The seat might seem small, but it never felt shallow. 

Seat Back: The one piece seat back that goes from seat to the top of the handles makes it a continuous hammock like support for even the tallest child! Great for older children.

Recline: None, but the fabric made is a bit of hammock like support. Because of this, the seat does not sit 90 straight up.

Seatbelt: Easy to use. only 2 straps to deal with and not 5 separate pieces.

Belly Bar/snack tray: None

Foot Rest: None.

Basket: Tiny, but as expected for the world's smallest stroller.

Wheels: No suspension, but double wheels that inhibits it from feeling like it will get stuck in a crack.

Weight: Lightest on the market and you you will notice and be grateful for it.

Fold: Smallest on the market and it will revolutionize the way you think about the meaning of "compact fold." Two handed, two step fold. The folding takes a bit of getting used to, as does the unfolding, but once you get used to it, it really is worth it. Not only does it fit on the overhead of a plane, it fits under the seat in front. Also fits in the basket of other strollers for a toddler who may or may not need a ride.

Unfold: Two hands. The unfold sometimes sticks and needs a few extra shakes or pushes. 

Carry strap: None. See hacks below.

Carry Case: None, but will fit inside a regular shopping bag. See hacks below.

Stability: So light it shakes at times, but allows for the stroller to reacts to bumps and adapts quickly.

Suspension: None

Maneuverability: Easy to turn and can push with one hand.

Price: $$ Cheaper than most other high end compact strollers. 



  • Entertainment for your Child--Lower the handles as if you are about to collapse it and it is the perfect push toy for your child.

  • Cupholder--Add a console that doesn't affect the fold or the carry

  • Carrying made simple--Either utilize the push bar, add a strap, or use a cute carry bag

  • Rain and Sun Cover--A little extra coverage to make up for the nonexistent sunshade

  • Snack and cup holder for your child--to keep them full and content


Final Thoughts:

  • You didn't know you wanted such a small stroller until you experience it, and then it's hard to give it up
  • The lightness and compactness makes you forgive it for everything else it lacks
  • Lightness and shakiness allows for it to react well with the bumps of the road
  • The sunshade is useless and thus never used, which is not a big deal 
  • The continuous seat back and simplicity makes it both super comfortable and also best for older kids
  • So small it is travel friendly and fits under seats, other strollers, in a simple bag, and any other crevice you can think of 


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