GB Pockit Stroller Hack: Carry Handle, Carry Strap Hack, and Carry Bag

Hacks for Carrying the GB Pockit Stroller

Carry by Hand:

Once the stroller is folded, the best way to carry the stroller in with the middle bar in between the two carry handles. The stroller is so light, the carry itself is very easy.


Carry by Strap:

To be completely hands free, you can add a simple carry strap. Attach two hooks along with a carry strap. The hooks can be left on even when folding. The extra hooks also provides an additional space for you to attach a diaper bag and other items. The padded straps adds comfort for just a little extra weight, and the stroller is so light that it does not hurt your shoulders to carry it. When not in use, the strap falls freely off to the back of the stroller out of the way.

Carry by Bag:

The Pockit stroller fits into most shopping bags. I love the small compact bags that I toss in the cup holder, or in my purse, or in the basket. These bags can be used to store/hide the pockit, to carry the stroller over the shoulder, and even as a grocery bag for some last minute shopping trips. Great for the environment, great beautiful designs, washable, and makes for great gifts, too!

To Buy Carry Bag

Carry Bag

This carry bag hangs off of the side and handle of the stroller to prevent tipping the empty stroller. The fit over the handle and adjustable buckles are easy to use. The pockit in the most compact form fits perfectly inside and the longer strap makes is a great carrying case for the stroller. *Hack Courtesy of OdaJennys of Strollerqueens

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Carry In Another Stroller

The GB Pockit is a great stroller for older toddlers while the Nano offers a recline and adjustable foot rest and carseat attachment that makes it better for younger children. Since we have all been there where the walking toddler suddenly decides they want to want ride instead, the GB Pockit fits perfectly (in semi-compact or super-compact modes) in the basket below the Mountain Buggy Nano. This is the best and most compact fit, but of course the pockit stroller fits in to many larger stroller baskets and can also be hung off of the stroller handles using a carry strap.

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