ZOE XLC BEST V2 vs. XL1 BEST V2 TRAVEL Stroller Comparison and Review

Comparison between the ZOE XLC and the ZOE XL1 Strollers

XLC: Best for airplane travel

XL1: Best for larger or taller kids, or just for lots of ins and outs of public transit and quick trips

XLC Wins:

  • Recline: Same single hand draw string release and single hand pull up. Not completely flat but quite deeps.
    • The XLC has an adjustable leg rest that makes sleeping more comfortable
  • Leg Rest: XLC only has an adjustable leg rest. 
    • Makes seat longer, makes basket easy to access, and makes sleeping more comfortable.
  • Smaller Fold: XLC can fit in overhead airplane bins
  • Standing Fold: XLC can stand on its own when folded, even if it takes a bit of teasing the wheels in the right direction. Please note that readers have expressed difficulty with this on the newer v2 version.
  • Compatible with light carseats
    • The stability to hold a travel toddler carseat using the adjustable leg rest makes it better than the XL1


XL1 Wins:

  • Seat: Deeper and wider on the XL1 and taller on the XL1, shallow and narrow on the XLC. Important to note that the XL1 has one of the most UPRIGHT seats available which is a big plus to parents of toddlers
    • The extendable leg rest on the XLC can compensate for the shallower seat
  • Accessories: XL1 comes with a snack tray, cup holder,  and belly bar. XL1 also comes with a parent cupholder which is not longer available on the XLC V2 version.
  • Easier Fold: XL1 wins for the easier fold
    • XL1--Pull on tab on the seat and pull up while standing. Can carry with the pull tab.
    • XLC--middle button on handlebar for V1 version, or two buttons on side of handle for V2 version. Either way it doesn't match up to the ease of the XL1
  • Easier Unfold: Lift up and open to unlock
    • The XLC takes a bit of force to lock it in open position
  • Stability and Maneuverability: Because the XL1 is wider, it is a bit more stable around tight and sharp turns


Both Win:

  • Handle bar: Same height on both non-adjustable handlebars
  • Sun Canopy: Huge canopies on both, only marginally larger on the XL1
  • Peekaboo Window: magnetic closure on both
  • Harness: Same easy mechanism
  • Basket: Marginally larger on the XL1
    • Easier to access on the XLC from the front with leg rest up
  • Wheels and Suspension: Same 2 wheel suspension on both. 
  • Weight: XLC is marginally lighter just because the XL1 has more accessories to add on, but both are still super light
  • Carry strap: Both have additional carry straps 
  • Carry Case: Both have backpacks
    • The XLC is a bit smaller 
  • Price: XL1 is a bit less expensive but prices are still comparable


Final Thoughts:

  • Don't confuse light with cheap, but also don't expect the handle of a full stroller in a lightweight stroller
  • Both little strollers are light but pack a punch and are well loaded with features lacking in many other lightweight strollers
  • XLC is easier to fit in overhead bins and to stabilize a lightweight carseat along with an adjustable leg rest. 
  • XL1 has an easier to use fold and unfold, and has a wider, deeper, and taller seat back along with many accessories making it more comfortable for the child.

For airplane travel where carry on and carseats are considerations, go with the XLC; but for day to day with lots of use, and folding and unfolding or in and out, go with the XL1.

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