Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Hack: Child Cup and Snack Holder

A hack to allow for easy storage and access of your child's favorite snacks or drinking cups.

Dual Snack and Cup Holder

A hack that allows you to easily attach a snack and cup holder to your stroller. For easy placement, you can put the cupholder off to the side of the stroller although it makes it for a bit harder to reach for the child. For easier access by the child, you can attach the holder to a belly bar. Separate compartments makes for easy separation. Spill proof snack container, and machine washable make the snack and cup holder easy to use and to clean. The main drawback is that the stroller cannot fold with the holder attached. See below for other folding-friendly options.

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Child Cup Holder

A Cupholder hack that allows gives your child a place to rest their drinks within arm's reach. This cupholder attaches to the Grab Bar, but the holder can be pivoted as you lift and lower the belly bar! The cupholder can also be positioned easily either on the left, side, or front. The attachment to the belly bar and it's ability to pivot also allows for your stroller to be folded with the belly bar and the cup holders attached (although it will not engage the automatic lock). Only downside is it doesn't have a snack holder section. This cup holder does not attach to the stroller without the grab bar attachment.

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Child Snack Tray and Cup Holder

This cupholder and snack tray provides a great pivot cover without affecting the cup holder. The holder has to be attached on the side and fitted properly with the additional of some extra fabric, or foam on the piece that attaches to the stroller. Unfortunately the stroller can't be folded with the tray attached.