Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller Hack: Parent Console, Parent Cup Holder, Stroller Organizer

A place for the parent to rest a drink or to store extra things.

Parent Cup Holder

A simple cup holder attachment that stays in place, is off to the side, and doesn't affect folding. It is a bit lower than normal parent cup holders, but provides a great place for the parent's or the child's drinks. 

To Purchase Cup Holder

Parent Snack and Cup Holder

Easily attaches to the handle bar for a place to store your own drinks. Quickly movable between use for the parent, to a cup and snack holder for the child. Only downside is that the stroller cannot be folded with the attachment.

Parent Console

An easy to attach soft structure carrier that allows for storage or two drinks and extra trinkets. An detachable zippered pouch allows for easy and secure stowing and removal. While the stroller closes with the console attache, it does take a little extra force to squeeze the stroller closed in order to engage the fold mechanism. The floppy cup holders means it is easy to take the drinks out but a little harder to put the drinks back in one-handed.