BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Review & Stroller Hacks

A Review and a list of Potential Hacks for the BabyZen Yoyo Stroller

BabyZen Yoyo: A small compact travel stroller with suspension for a smooth ride, tall handle bars for an easy push, and even an extension glider board. 

Best for: Lots of travel to places with variable terrain and expected bumps along the way

Handle bar: Non adjustable, single handlebar covered in foam. This is the tallest handlebar and thus much better for taller parents; however, the extra curvature that gives it its height also makes it super awkward at times to push with more than one hand.

Cup holder: The brand specific cupholder is available for purchase, although it has terrible usage and reviews. See hacks below.

Sun Canopy: Non extendable and non full coverage. Small enough that smaller children will not even be covered. Low enough that taller children will have their whole view obstructed by the panels.

Peekaboo Window: None

Seat: Might seem small, but it is not shallow.

Seat Back: A shorter seat back which means it is not as comfortable for taller children. The shorter seat back and lower canopy makes it not ideal for taller children. The seatback also sits at a slight recline which is also not as comfortable for some children.

Recline: Decent recline, but downside is the seat does not sit completely up either.

Seatbelt: Tough to adjust the lengths of the seatbelt and the hip belt to properly fit your child. The buckle is a pain to use and to unbuckle. The European version has an easier to use harness and buckle system.

Belly Bar/snack tray: None, but see hacks below

Foot Rest: None, but see hacks below

Basket: OK for a travel stroller. Open back allows for easier stuffing of items that other strollers vs. other strollers where you need to access from the front or sides.

Wheels: Great suspension

Weight: Average for the world of travel strollers.

Brake: Single level that pushes down for lock, and needs to be lifted for unlock.

Fold: Two handed, two step fold. Have to bend all the way to the basket for the final step of the fold.

Unfold: Easy to unfold, but still stakes a bit of height or strength to lock it in open position, and thus I still need both hands. Sometimes the wheels are turned the wrong way and it might cause the unlock to get stuck.

Carry strap: Small attached strap that with padded shoulder

Carry Case: A snug fitting carry case that is just protection against dirt. Simple cheap drawstring mechanism and tight fit makes it a pain to use.

Stability: Pretty stable and but still more tippy than the Mountain Buggy Nano or the ZOE XL1

Suspension: 4 wheel.

Maneuverability: Easy to turn and can push with one hand.

Price: $$$ One of the most expensive on the market. 


  • Parent Cupholder--Add a console that doesn't affect the fold or the carry

  • Child Snack and cup holder--to keep them full and content

  • Belly Bar--Add a bar for your child to grab on to and for you to hang toys on.

  • Canopy--To provide a little extra coverage

  • Footrest--An additional adjustable footrest to add comfort to your child

  • Carseat--Turning your stroller into a travel system


Final Thoughts:


  • One of the most compact travel strollers that still offers a bit of a recline so fit for younger babies
  • One of the smoothest pushes given the great suspension
  • Best travel stroller for taller parents, and thus a little uncomfortable for shorter parents
  • Short seat back and low canopy makes it not as comfortable for taller kids
  • You get what you paid for in terms of smooth ride and easy push and small size, but that might still not be enough of a tradeoff for many of the amenities that is lacking in the yoyo compared to other travel strollers

To Purchase a BabyZen Yoyo Stroller