BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Toddler Carseat

Turning your BabyZen Yoyo into a Carseat Carrier, too

Toddler Carseat

Here is a hack using a lightweight, easy to use, TSA approved toddler carseat. The carseat can be easily attached to the back of the stroller via a Luggage Belt or Hooks.

There are two ways to easily transport the Toddler Carseat, or Toddler Carseat 2.

1) To attach the stroller directly on to the seat, you can use the attachment belts provided with the Toddler Carseat, or Toddler Carseat 2, or you can use luggage belts. The luggage belts will provide a snugger tighter fit, and you simply insert it through the forward facing seatbelt loops on the carseat. If you have a black carseat, I recommend getting a set of two luggage belts that are colored so it is easy to add extra security, easy to quickly find the two ends, and you can always find uses for the luggage belt.

Note: Please take into account stability and maximum safe carrying weight of the stroller before you put your child into the carseat. I am comfortable putting my kid in the carseat attached to the Zoe XLC just because it is more secure and has a higher weight limit. I usually try to limit doing so in the Yoyo. To bypass this issue, see Method 2 below.

2) The second way to carry the toddler carseat while still being able to utilize the stroller is using Think King hooks. Make sure you get a pack of two. It is super easy to hand your carseat on and to take it off for security, gate check, or use. It might hit the legs of the stroller pusher while walking, but nothing that impedes use.

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To Purchase the  luggage belts.

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BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Bugaboo Canopy

Adding a larger and breezier canopy to your BabyZen Yoyo

Breezy Canopy

The original Yoyo Canopy is a little lacking and doesn't provide much coverage. This hack allows you to add one of the most popular summer breezy canopies (or any of the Bugaboo canopies for that matter). You can leave the original Yoyo Sunshade on (only removing the first bar holding the canopy up). Then you simply clamp on the Bugaboo Breezy Canopy, but you do need a whole set of Bugaboo Wires and Clamps (Buffalo or Cameleon) which can add up quickly in cost. The stroller can be folded with you canopy attached, but the hack is not the most ideal as there is some slight movement of the canopy itself which might be able to be fixed with some foam additions at the sites of attachment. Other issue is that when fully extended, the canopy hack might rest on the the legs of your child. *Hack Courtesy of Mujde Muji Baum*

To Purchase Canopy, Wires, and Clamps

BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Parent Console and Cup Holder

A place for parents to hold their drinks and other things

Parent Console

An easy to attach soft structure carrier that allows for storage or two drinks and extra trinkets. An detachable zippered pouch allows for easy and secure stowing and removal. While the stroller closes with the console attache, it does take a little extra force to squeeze the stroller closed in order to engage the fold mechanism. The floppy cup holders means it is easy to take the drinks out but a little harder to put the drinks back in one-handed.

Parent Cup Holder

Not the best cupholder as the curvature of the handles makes it hard to attach properly, but it does its job. Only issue if you can't fold with the cupholder attached. It does however serve as a great child cupholder.

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BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Child Snack and Cup Holder

A place for your child to rest their cup or to hold their snacks

Child Cupholder

It is almost impossible to attach a child cupholder, but the addition of a belly bar opens up a lot of options. While the Yoyo cupholder isn't very appreciated by the parents, it fits perfectly on the attachable belly bar and the swivel allows you to lift the belly bar up and down while keeping the drink vertical. It is hard to close with the cupholder attached, but depending on the placement, it is still possible to do so with some careful adjustments at time of closure.

Here is a photo with the Cup Holder on the belly bar, next to the  Parent or child cup Holder that is attached to the frame of the stroller. The cup sits at the perfect height for a playing child to run over to take a sip, and also, when you move the belly bar up and down, the cup holders both stay in place. 

To Purchase Cup Holder that sits on belly bar

To Purchase Parent or child cup Holder that sits on the frame of the stroller

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Child Snack Tray and Cup Holder

This hack offers both a snack tray and cup holder. It needs the belly bar to be attached, and unfortunately the lack of a swivel means if the belly bar gets lifted, the snacks get dumped. Unfortunately, you can not fold the stroller with the snack tray attached.

To Purchase Snack Tray

To Purchase Belly Bar

Parent or Child Cupholder

This cupholder does not need a belly bar , but it is also situated somewhere in the middle between the parent and the child. It is a bit to access for the child, but provides an extra cup storage space. It is amazing for the parents since your drink access is not hindered by the belly bar. The best part is it stays stable and the stroller can be folded with the cupholder still attached.

To Purchase Cup Holder

Child Snack and Cup Holder

This isn't the best of all hacks, but it will work. With some extra foam padding, the snack tray can be attached to the side of the stroller. The only issue is that when it is placed on the left, it swivels away from the child, and when it is placed on the right side (where it swivels towards the child), it crowds into your child's personal space right by their head. The tray needs to be taken off for folding, but the adapter can be positioned such that the stroller can be folded with it attached.

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BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Adjustable Footrest

An extendable and adjustable add on footrest that makes the stroller more comfortable to use without affecting the fold


An attachment footrest that fits perfectly on the frame with two small clips--set it and forget it. The red buttons on the sides makes for easy and fast adjustments that goes from a slight slant, to horizontal and flush with the seat, or to fully 90 degrees vertical, and finally to resting back on the seat itself. The best part is the stroller can be folded with the footrest attached without affecting the flatness of the fold or the engagement of the auto-lock. For a more compact fold, the footrest can be adjusted up after the fold. Only downside is if you push the footrest completely into the seat with the fold (as seen in the very last picture), it sometimes pops the two clips of the footrest open.

To Purchase the Footrest

BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Belly Bar Grab Bar

An add on grab bar to hang snack trays, cup holders, and many toys

Belly Bar and Grab Bar

This belly bar is easy to attach on to the stroller and lifts up and down for easy use and exit of the stroller. Softly padded and comes in leather or fabric. Best part is the stroller even folds with the belly bar although the stroller will not locked closed. Last photo includes an adjustable footrest as well.

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BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Review & Stroller Hacks

A Review and a list of Potential Hacks for the BabyZen Yoyo Stroller

BabyZen Yoyo: A small compact travel stroller with suspension for a smooth ride, tall handle bars for an easy push, and even an extension glider board. 

Best for: Lots of travel to places with variable terrain and expected bumps along the way

Handle bar: Non adjustable, single handlebar covered in foam. This is the tallest handlebar and thus much better for taller parents; however, the extra curvature that gives it its height also makes it super awkward at times to push with more than one hand.

Cup holder: The brand specific cupholder is available for purchase, although it has terrible usage and reviews. See hacks below.

Sun Canopy: Non extendable and non full coverage. Small enough that smaller children will not even be covered. Low enough that taller children will have their whole view obstructed by the panels.

Peekaboo Window: None

Seat: Might seem small, but it is not shallow.

Seat Back: A shorter seat back which means it is not as comfortable for taller children. The shorter seat back and lower canopy makes it not ideal for taller children. The seatback also sits at a slight recline which is also not as comfortable for some children.

Recline: Decent recline, but downside is the seat does not sit completely up either.

Seatbelt: Tough to adjust the lengths of the seatbelt and the hip belt to properly fit your child. The buckle is a pain to use and to unbuckle. The European version has an easier to use harness and buckle system.

Belly Bar/snack tray: None, but see hacks below

Foot Rest: None, but see hacks below

Basket: OK for a travel stroller. Open back allows for easier stuffing of items that other strollers vs. other strollers where you need to access from the front or sides.

Wheels: Great suspension

Weight: Average for the world of travel strollers.

Brake: Single level that pushes down for lock, and needs to be lifted for unlock.

Fold: Two handed, two step fold. Have to bend all the way to the basket for the final step of the fold.

Unfold: Easy to unfold, but still stakes a bit of height or strength to lock it in open position, and thus I still need both hands. Sometimes the wheels are turned the wrong way and it might cause the unlock to get stuck.

Carry strap: Small attached strap that with padded shoulder

Carry Case: A snug fitting carry case that is just protection against dirt. Simple cheap drawstring mechanism and tight fit makes it a pain to use.

Stability: Pretty stable and but still more tippy than the Mountain Buggy Nano or the ZOE XL1

Suspension: 4 wheel.

Maneuverability: Easy to turn and can push with one hand.

Price: $$$ One of the most expensive on the market. 


  • Parent Cupholder--Add a console that doesn't affect the fold or the carry

  • Child Snack and cup holder--to keep them full and content

  • Belly Bar--Add a bar for your child to grab on to and for you to hang toys on.

  • Canopy--To provide a little extra coverage

  • Footrest--An additional adjustable footrest to add comfort to your child

  • Carseat--Turning your stroller into a travel system


Final Thoughts:


  • One of the most compact travel strollers that still offers a bit of a recline so fit for younger babies
  • One of the smoothest pushes given the great suspension
  • Best travel stroller for taller parents, and thus a little uncomfortable for shorter parents
  • Short seat back and low canopy makes it not as comfortable for taller kids
  • You get what you paid for in terms of smooth ride and easy push and small size, but that might still not be enough of a tradeoff for many of the amenities that is lacking in the yoyo compared to other travel strollers

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