BabyZen Yoyo Stroller Hack: Adjustable Footrest

An extendable and adjustable add on footrest that makes the stroller more comfortable to use without affecting the fold


An attachment footrest that fits perfectly on the frame with two small clips--set it and forget it. The red buttons on the sides makes for easy and fast adjustments that goes from a slight slant, to horizontal and flush with the seat, or to fully 90 degrees vertical, and finally to resting back on the seat itself. The best part is the stroller can be folded with the footrest attached without affecting the flatness of the fold or the engagement of the auto-lock. For a more compact fold, the footrest can be adjusted up after the fold. Only downside is if you push the footrest completely into the seat with the fold (as seen in the very last picture), it sometimes pops the two clips of the footrest open.

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