GB Pockit Stroller Hack: Child Cup and Snack Holder

A few extra additions for all the snacks and sippy cups to ensure a happy child

Snack and Cup Holder

A snack and cup holder that easily attaches to the side. The side attachments nestles on frame and sits on top of a joint on the frame for some extra support. The side location makes for a bit of a reach, but is still easily accessible for toddlers. This isn't a snack holder that the child eats from, but is a great place to rest snack cups when not in use. Unfortunately, you cannot fold with the snack tray attached.

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Cup Holder:

A cupholder that is off to the side for some extra storage for either parents drinks or child drinks. A little removed so it can't be easily reached by younger children, but still a great place to store drinks. Unfortunately the GB Pockit cannot be folded with the cupholder attached.

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GB Pockit Stroller Hack: Parent Console and Cup Holder

Best Parent Console for the GB Pockit Stroller

Parent Console:

The Best Console is a soft and lightweight one to go with the stroller. This console fits easily, can the stroller can be folded with the console attached. The parent console can also be repositioned easily to allow for stroller carry using either the center bar or the carry strap. Best of all, it is washable and has room for multiple drinks and knick knacks. 

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Parent Cupholder:

A simple one cup cupholder that stays easily on the handlebar and allows for you to fold the stroller with the cupholder attached. While it takes up precious real estate on the handle bar, you can easily maneuver the stroller using the middle bar. Easy to put on and take off yet still quite stable. Two handlebars means two cupholders if you prefer!

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Other Hacks include: Simple GB Pockit stroller carrying hacks, sun/rain coverChild Snack and Cup Holder

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GB Pockit Stroller Review & Stroller Hacks

A Review and a list of Potential Hacks for the GB Pockit Stroller

GB Pockit: What the stroller lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for in pure lightness and ease of use. Best for Quick travel with Older Children, or a bring-along backup stroller for when your older toddler suddenly decides to ride again.


Handle bar: Non adjustable, split Handle bar with a single bar in the middle that still allows for a one handed push. *The handles can't be adjusted to be taller but can be lowered as part of the push and makes for a great walker and game to entertain your own child. See hacks below.

Cup holder: None, but see hacks below.

Sun Canopy: A tiny square canopy that is useless and often in the way. 

Peekaboo Window: None, but you don't need one because the child is completely visible

Seat: The seat might seem small, but it never felt shallow. 

Seat Back: The one piece seat back that goes from seat to the top of the handles makes it a continuous hammock like support for even the tallest child! Great for older children.

Recline: None, but the fabric made is a bit of hammock like support. Because of this, the seat does not sit 90 straight up.

Seatbelt: Easy to use. only 2 straps to deal with and not 5 separate pieces.

Belly Bar/snack tray: None

Foot Rest: None.

Basket: Tiny, but as expected for the world's smallest stroller.

Wheels: No suspension, but double wheels that inhibits it from feeling like it will get stuck in a crack.

Weight: Lightest on the market and you you will notice and be grateful for it.

Fold: Smallest on the market and it will revolutionize the way you think about the meaning of "compact fold." Two handed, two step fold. The folding takes a bit of getting used to, as does the unfolding, but once you get used to it, it really is worth it. Not only does it fit on the overhead of a plane, it fits under the seat in front. Also fits in the basket of other strollers for a toddler who may or may not need a ride.

Unfold: Two hands. The unfold sometimes sticks and needs a few extra shakes or pushes. 

Carry strap: None. See hacks below.

Carry Case: None, but will fit inside a regular shopping bag. See hacks below.

Stability: So light it shakes at times, but allows for the stroller to reacts to bumps and adapts quickly.

Suspension: None

Maneuverability: Easy to turn and can push with one hand.

Price: $$ Cheaper than most other high end compact strollers. 



  • Entertainment for your Child--Lower the handles as if you are about to collapse it and it is the perfect push toy for your child.

  • Cupholder--Add a console that doesn't affect the fold or the carry

  • Carrying made simple--Either utilize the push bar, add a strap, or use a cute carry bag

  • Rain and Sun Cover--A little extra coverage to make up for the nonexistent sunshade

  • Snack and cup holder for your child--to keep them full and content


Final Thoughts:

  • You didn't know you wanted such a small stroller until you experience it, and then it's hard to give it up
  • The lightness and compactness makes you forgive it for everything else it lacks
  • Lightness and shakiness allows for it to react well with the bumps of the road
  • The sunshade is useless and thus never used, which is not a big deal 
  • The continuous seat back and simplicity makes it both super comfortable and also best for older kids
  • So small it is travel friendly and fits under seats, other strollers, in a simple bag, and any other crevice you can think of 


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GB Pockit Stroller Hack: Carry Handle, Carry Strap Hack, and Carry Bag

Hacks for Carrying the GB Pockit Stroller

Carry by Hand:

Once the stroller is folded, the best way to carry the stroller in with the middle bar in between the two carry handles. The stroller is so light, the carry itself is very easy.


Carry by Strap:

To be completely hands free, you can add a simple carry strap. Attach two hooks along with a carry strap. The hooks can be left on even when folding. The extra hooks also provides an additional space for you to attach a diaper bag and other items. The padded straps adds comfort for just a little extra weight, and the stroller is so light that it does not hurt your shoulders to carry it. When not in use, the strap falls freely off to the back of the stroller out of the way.

Carry by Bag:

The Pockit stroller fits into most shopping bags. I love the small compact bags that I toss in the cup holder, or in my purse, or in the basket. These bags can be used to store/hide the pockit, to carry the stroller over the shoulder, and even as a grocery bag for some last minute shopping trips. Great for the environment, great beautiful designs, washable, and makes for great gifts, too!

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Carry Bag

This carry bag hangs off of the side and handle of the stroller to prevent tipping the empty stroller. The fit over the handle and adjustable buckles are easy to use. The pockit in the most compact form fits perfectly inside and the longer strap makes is a great carrying case for the stroller. *Hack Courtesy of OdaJennys of Strollerqueens

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Carry In Another Stroller

The GB Pockit is a great stroller for older toddlers while the Nano offers a recline and adjustable foot rest and carseat attachment that makes it better for younger children. Since we have all been there where the walking toddler suddenly decides they want to want ride instead, the GB Pockit fits perfectly (in semi-compact or super-compact modes) in the basket below the Mountain Buggy Nano. This is the best and most compact fit, but of course the pockit stroller fits in to many larger stroller baskets and can also be hung off of the stroller handles using a carry strap.

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